nopreview2 is the successor to the nopreview app and is now available for general use.

Key Highlights

  • Fully compatible with being used in a distributed app context and is therefore suitable for deployment on high volume sites.

  • Uses the same core software as normal apps such as acp3_2. The original nopreview did not and was therefore not able to support features such as dynamic pricing.

  • Currently only handles text areas and attributes but due to the above point can easily be extended to support most core features by request (even image uploads and colour areas).

  • Uses the Bootstrap CSS library for a better default appearance that can still be extended with custom external CSS.

  • Only creates print jobs using product state.

  • Supports the new product ID mapping feature.

  • Bonus Point: nopreview2 can load any product, it doesn’t have to be limited to just No Preview products.

Use Case

nopreview2 is ideal for quickly getting new suppliers up and running on the platform without needing to spend lots of time setting up full graphical product previews.

Example URLs

Standard No Preview product

3D product

Note nopreview2 will always use the none renderer. It is therfore not necessary to specify the r URL parameter.