Distributed apps have been around for awhile however their use has not been widespread as standard.

Distributed apps are vital to the platform’s future scalability. We will not be able to scale to 10,000s of orders per day without them.

App URL Hostnames

  • g3d-app.com is the distributed app domain.
  • app.gateway3d.com is the legacy CDN app domain (simply a cache for my.gateway3d.com).
  • my.gateway3d.com is the legacy non-CDN app domain for our old server.
  • legacy.custom-gateway.net is the legacy non-CDN app domain for our new server.


  • g3d-app.com is the preferred way of deploying an app to a website.

  • my.gateway3d.com and legacy.custom-gateway.net should not be used on live sites unless first approved by an Architect.

  • app.gateway3d.com should only be used if the desired app does not yet run correctly on g3d-app.com and no alternative app is available.

  • Under no circumstances should a site that is expecting high traffic (i.e. ~100 hits per hour) or a big brand site use the my.gateway3d.com or legacy.custom-gateway.net domains.

  • If an issue with distributed apps is stopping you from using them, it’s best for us to fix the problem rather than falling back to a non distributed app.

  • legacy.custom-gateway.net should be used to test changes to products and app configurations without needing to wait for g3d-app.com to update.

  • my.gateway3d.com should be avoided for testing changes.

Standard Apps

Generally it has only been bespoke apps that have supported g3d-app.com.

The standard public apps are currently in the process of being updated to version 3 of the core software which supports distributed out of the box.

Once updated versions have been finalized (i.e. garment3), tools such as Auto Import and Smartlink Builder will be updated to only give URLs for g3d-app.com.

Of the acp family of apps, acp3_2 fully supports g3d-app.com and should be used in preference over acp2 and acp3.

Legacy URLs

The my.gateway3d.com and app.gateway3d.com URLs will continue to work for the foreseeable future, however they should be gradually phased out.

New bug fixes and features will only be made available to apps that show a warning message when they are loaded in a non distributed context.