Product ID mapping is a new feature which allows products to be loaded using an identifier other than their product ID.

The map is set against an app configuration in the form FROM -> ID, for example:

MYSKU001 -> 1007644
MYSKU002 -> 7429

Example URL

In the below URL, the p parameter is set to TEST_SKU.

In configuration cs08rp5pn89j64x, TEST_SKU has been set to map to 1412888:

TEST_SKU -> 1412888

This means that the above URL is equivalent to:

Use Case

Product ID mapping is useful in fairly limited cases where a retailer wishes to load a product based on information they already have in their own database rather than needing to add a separate field for a CPP product ID.

Product ID mapping should only be used as a last resort, the product map must be maintained manually and could be quite time consuming.

It would not be possible for product mapping to work automatically without the need for the map to be explicitly set against the app configuration.


Currently product ID mapping is only available in nopreview2, however it is a standard feature of the core software and could easily be added to other recent apps by request.