• Inklocker API

    A new Supplier Integration has been made to connect with Inklocker.

  • PayPal Here Point of Sale Integration

  • Veeqo Stock Management API

    An integration has been made between Veeqo and OMS in order to control stock within the Veeqo system.

  • DPD Shipping Integration

    OMS now integrates with DPD via the DPD Enterprise Service Gateway (ESG) which allows shipping label creation via the OMS dispatch scan point.

  • Supplier Shipping API

    Suppliers who have their own workflow systems and don’t have OMS user accounts (e.g. those who use the Generic Filesystem supplier integrations) can now make use of OMS shipping integrations via a simple API.

  • Replacement Shipping Addresses for Logistics

    A new option has been added which allows end-customer shipping addresses to be overridden with a logistics company address during order creation.

  • Facebook Image Upload

    Starting from October 6th, the Facebook image upload feature will only function correctly when the personalisation app has been loaded via HTTPS.

  • Configurable Stock Products

    A new product type has been added: Configurable Stock.

  • Recap: Licensed Content Access Rules

    A product that is in the Licensed Content (20979) category tree is classed as being licensed content.

  • Whitelabel Virtual Product Creator

    The whitelabel virtual product creator (VPC) is a tool that can be embedded into external systems (e.g. an ecommerce site) to allow a user to quickly create products both in CPP and the external system.

  • Users and Companies

    There are now several ways of defining relationships between users and companies.

  • Aeoon Supplier Generic Filesystem Data Format

    Aeoon is a Data Format strategy that passes orders and order artwork as XML with a specific format required by Aeoon to RIP and print from.

  • SlickStitch Sapphire POD support

    The Sapphire integration can now send orders where the EBOS design is predefined on the product ordered. Although it is not our own POD artwork used we will only support this on POD orders and when the EBOS integration on the company is not enabled.

  • CPPv2 Subcategory Search Enhancements

    When searching for products in CPPv2, it is now possible to include products based on the sub-categories that they are in.

  • CPPv2 Retailer Feed

    CPPv2 now has an improved Retailer Feed tool.

  • CPPv2 Best Sellers

    CPPv2 now makes it easier to see which products are selling best.

  • Batch Coversheet HTML

    It is now possible to specify bespoke HTML for a batch’s coversheet.

  • Stripe POS Direct Payment

    It is now possible to have a point of sale a2c link on an app ask users for payment directly in the app via the Stripe payment service

  • HP Box Scan Point Integration

    The display scan point of OMS can now push the artwork to HP Box via their API.

  • 2D -> 3D Preview Improvements

    The 2D to 3D preview tool has been improved with two key additions.

  • Happy Japan Embroidery Output Follow Up

  • Batch Cut Off Merging

    A new batching feature has been added which allows multiple, partially full batches (that belong to the same batch template) to be merged into as few full batches as possible at a specific time of the day.

  • Order Manager 2.1 CSV Import

    Order Manager 2.1 now offers the ability to import orders via CSV, not only using the standard format but customer specific formats.

  • Stock Management

    A new stock management system has been added.

  • CPPv2 Preview #9 - Virtual Products (Artwork Upload)

    CPPv2 now supports the creation of virtual products using the “Artwork Only” method.

  • CPPv2 Preview #8 - Gallery Placeholder Images

    CPPv2 allows image area placeholders to be set from a gallery image.

  • Artwork Slots Output Type

    A new artwork output type has been added, called “From Artwork Slot”.

  • CPPv2 Preview #7 - Virtual Products (Manual Creation)

    CPPv2 introduces the concept of a “virtual product”.

  • New Vector PDF Options

    Additional options (currently experimental) have been added to the vector PDF output type that some customers might find useful.

  • CPPv2 Preview #6 - Creating a new No Preview Product

    CPPv2 now has a much nicer way of creating single No Preview products.

  • CPPv2 Preview #5 - Multi Edit

    CPPv2 offers a new “Multi Edit” mode that can be used to make it slightly easier to edit or check a small series of products without having to open lots of new tabs.

  • CPPv2 Preview #4 - Smartlink Builder

    CPPv2’s new Smartlink Builder has several important improvements.

  • CPPv2 Preview #3 - Bulk Edit

    Many of the list views in CPPv2 allow bulk editing of selected fields.

  • CPPv2 Preview #2 - Better Live Text Preview

    The live text preview tool in CPPv1 has been severely limited for many years and only shows the rough position of where the text will appear in a real personalisation app, without taking into account other settings.

  • CPPv2 Preview #1 - Converting Legacy Views

    As mentioned in a previous post, CPPv2 does not support the creation or modification of 2D views.

  • Personalise-iT 2 and Print on Demand

    The Personalise-iT 2 module for Magento 2 now supports Print-on-Demand products.

  • Happy Japan Embroidery Output

    The Happy Japan embroidery machine file format (.tap) has been added as an option for the embroidery output type.

  • Long Order Refs

    Traditionally, the order references generated by OMS for orders created using the Ordering API 2.1 have been 10 characters long. However, as volumes increase so does the chance that two orders will have colliding references.

  • Product Types

    It’s now possible for products in CPP to have multiple types assigned to them.

  • Personalise-iT for Magento 1 : Resend Orders

    The Personalise-iT Module for Magento v1.X has been updated to include a new button on the top of every order, this was released in version

  • Recap: CPP/OMS 'Company' Hierarchy

    The CPP/OMS company hierarchy has become more and more complex over the years and isn’t particularly well understood. It is becoming increasingly important to get right and this post aims to help clarify how companies should be setup.

  • Batch Template Colour Profiles

    It is now possible to add RGB and CMYK colour profiles to batch templates which results in the final batch artwork being CMYK (for raster output only).

  • Advanced Artwork Options

    There are a handful of advanced options for controlling the artwork generation process in company settings.

  • New Batch Template Options

    Two new batch template options have been added. Both options are only applicable when “inline” batching enabled.

  • Personalisation Platform Downtime

    The personalisation platform (with the exception of distributed apps) will be taken offline on Wednesday the 14th February at 0500 UTC for around 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Minor January Changes

    Product Backgrounds

  • Email Integrations

    The supplier emailer integration has been reworked to support the same functionality of the dispatch notification integrations.

  • Display Item Scanpoint Modes

    The Display Item scan point in OMS v2 now has two modes of operation. The original implied mode of Artwork Download has been joined by the Barcode Print mode. The mode can be controlled via the Production / Scan Points Display Item Mode company setting.

  • PF Concept Products

    PF Concept products are now available in CPP. PF products can be found in CPP by searching for PF Concept (Import) or by looking in the PF Concept - 2D Templates product category.

  • 2018 Deprecations

    A vital process in the evolution of any system is to remove old features that are no longer in use or have been superseded by a newer equivalent.

  • Updated POS Callback URL

    A new POS callback URL has been added that has the ability to route orders to different suppliers. Please see the original blog post for more background information.

  • Order Manager 2.1: Product and Personalisation Errors

    Order Manager 2.1 has some new features that make it easier to fix product and personalisation errors on textual items, with the intention being that the textual item is subsequently converted into an artwork generating print job.

  • Password Security

    When dealing with passwords for both our own systems and third parties, it is critical that we handle them correctly and securely.

  • Photo Wonder

    OMS is now able to integrate with a service called Photo Wonder.

  • Artwork Barcodes

    The OMSv2 dispatch scan point is now able to use barcodes that have been added directly onto artwork. This is separate to the item ID barcodes added by batching.

  • Staging Apps

    Just a reminder that staging apps should never be used in a live customer facing context.

  • Prepaid Coupons

    CPP now provides the ability to create prepaid coupons that can be given to a customer, allowing them to personalise a product and create an order hours or even days after paying for it.

  • Recap: OMS and Google Cloud Print

    The OMS v2 dispatch scan point is able to integrate directly with Google Cloud Print.

  • Artwork ICC Profiles

    It’s now possible to add ICC profiles to raster artwork on a per company basis. This can be used to generate CMYK artwork rather than RGB.

  • Weekly Minor Changes Summary

  • Email Notification Integration

    A new notification integration has been added which sends an email to a customer once their order has been dispatched.

  • Order Status Changes

    An order’s status can now no longer be changed manually after the order has reached one of the following statuses:

  • Weekly Minor Changes Summary

    • It is now possible to create new production bins. A Create New Bins button will appear once a fulfilment centre has been selected.
    • Order Manager v2 will now show a “Generation Error” message on the items tab if any print jobs failed to generate.
    • Its now possible to configure the filename used for each file within the ZIP produced by the Download Individual Items batching tool by using the Individual Items Filename Format advanced company setting.
    • The category search tool in CPP now stores the full category path rather than calculating it on the fly. This means searches are much faster but the full path is only updated every 3 hours so changes to the category tree might not be instantly reflected in the search tool.
    • The Generic Filesystem supplier integration now has an option called Personalisation As Attribute which forces any area personalisations to be included in the XML file (for product state print jobs only).
    • The Magento retailer integration now supports company shipping maps.
    • The Magento retailer integration now supports the standard Email Errors To field.
    • Company shipping maps now support a wildcard option.
  • Order Manager Lite v2

    Order Manager Lite v2 is now available.

  • Fill Patterns

    Text Area Fill Patterns is a new feature which allows text to be drawn using a repeating pattern rather than a solid colour.

  • Case Study: The Tottenham Hotspur Aluminium Water Bottle

    Product 1299978 is a Tottenham Hotspur FC Aluminium Water Bottle fulfilled by GBN and uses licensed content.

  • Licence and Royalties Report

    The Licence and Royalties report is a way of providing sales figures to licensors so that they are able to charge royalties on the use of their content.

  • Old CPP/OMS Domains

    User access to CPP and OMS from old sub-domains will be disabled on the 8th January.

  • Australia Post

    OMS is now able to integrate with Australia Post.

  • Weekly Minor Changes Summary

    • When possible, Order Manager v2 now shows a direct link to an item’s CPP product on the items tab.
  • Recap: Invoicing for Suppliers

    OMS is able to generate invoice PDFs that suppliers can use to invoice retailers who have been selling their products.

  • Transglobal Express

    A new shipping integration has been created for use with Transglobal Express.

  • nopreview2

    nopreview2 is the successor to the nopreview app and is now available for general use.

  • Product ID Mapping

    Product ID mapping is a new feature which allows products to be loaded using an identifier other than their product ID.

  • Controlling Product State via URLs

    In addition to Loading a Default Gallery Image, the product state URL parameters have been expanded with some new additions.

  • Saved Product State

    This post is just a recap of the saved product state feature.

  • Point of Sale (v2)

    Going forward, it is recommended that all new app POS installations such as kiosks use the POS features provided by OMS v2.

  • Image Upload Auto Downscale

    acp3_2 now has an option called Image Upload Auto Downscale which when enabled will automatically downscale images selected by the user before they get uploaded to the cloud. For images with large dimensions, the result of this will be faster uploads.

  • OMS Royal Mail API Integration

    OMS is now able to integrate directly with Royal Mail’s shipping API so that when an item is dispatched using a scan point, a shipment is created in Royal Mail’s system and an official Royal Mail shipping label returned to the user.

  • Christmas Feature Freeze

    From November 1st, the core platform will be in feature freeze until the 1st January.

  • OneFlow Attribute Whitelist

    The OneFlow integration now supports an attribute whitelist to control which order item attributes are sent to the OneFlow system.

  • Loading a Default Gallery Image

    acp3_2 now supports the ability to explicitly apply a gallery image against a specific image area via an app URL.

  • Product Variants

    Product Variants is new way of specifying how different product properties such as size and colour can be combined to give different supplier SKUs.

  • Image Upload via QR Code

    Image uploading on a mobile device via a QR code has been a feature of the platform for several years, however it has had some limitations:

  • Justified Text - Hyphenation and Line Spacing Options

    Text areas now have two additional options that can be used to control the behaviour of justified text.

  • Distributed Apps Reminder

    Distributed apps have been around for awhile however their use has not been widespread as standard.

  • Order API Shipping Map

    The order API now supports shipping maps.

  • Getting Personal API

    A new API has been developed to specifically allow Getting Personal (GP) to put orders into OMS using their own bespoke data format.

  • Assume User Has Moved

    The Assume User feature for staff in V2 has been moved to the top left of the screen.

  • New Order Status

    A new order status, On System Hold has been added.

  • Jobs System - Predesigns

    The Creators job system now has the ability to handle jobs for predesign products.

  • Administrative Companies

    A new company type (Administrative) has been added which will improve how reports are handled for resellers and partners such as Creation Express and iPersonalyze.

  • Generic File System Accounting Integration

    A new accounting integration called “Generic File System” has been added.

  • Force Batching in OMS v2

    It is now possible to force batch unbatched items using OMS v2.

  • Distributed App Locale Behaviour Change

    A change has been made to how locales are handled for distributed apps.

  • Production Artwork Download Format

    The “Download Artwork” option in Order Manager v2 can now be configured with a specific artwork format.

  • ACP3.2

    acp3_2 is now available.

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