OMS is now able to integrate with a service called Photo Wonder.

Process Overview

Photo Wonder take user uploaded images and manually add special effects to the images. For example, a photo of a person could be transformed into a cartoon caricature.

The Photo Wonder OMS integration will transfer all user images for an order to a Photo Wonder specific FTP account. Once Photo Wonder have completed the images and reuploaded them to the FTP account, the integration will pick them up and send an email to the customer to give the customer a chance to approve or reject the order depending on whether or not they like the final result.

During this process, the PhotoWonder integration will add and update two order attributes.

Name Description
:PhotoWonder ImagesPending The number of images OMS is waiting for PhotoWonder to send back.
:PhotoWonder EmailSent Added after the approval email has been sent.

Once the customer has approved their order, the order’s status is changed to Received and is released into the normal supplier workflow.

If the customer rejects the order, it will be set to have a Cancelled status. A rejection reason provided by the customer will also be added to the order’s history. It is the retailer’s responsibility to issue a refund or try to amend the order as needed.

Product Attributes

The PhotoWonder integration requires that products have the following attributes set in CPP:

Name Description
PhotoWonder Service e.g. “Fun Art”
PhotoWonder Template e.g. “Line Drawing”

PhotoWonder service and templates can be found here.

Approval Email

The email section of the PhotoWonder integration shares many of the same options as the Email Notification Integration.

The email template should contain a link to the approval page, for example:

Dear {{ order.customer_name }},

Your order {{ order.external_ref }} is ready for approval!

Please <a href="{{ approval_url }}">click here</a> to view and approve your order.

Approval Page

The approval page shows the customer’s item in a personalisation app with the Photo Wonder created images applied to it.

Once an order has been approved or rejected, the approval page for the order is deactivated.

Future Developments

The following features could potentially be added in the future depending on demand:

  • The ability to change the content and style of the approval page.
  • The ability to send email reminders to the customer.