A new notification integration has been added which sends an email to a customer once their order has been dispatched.

The system did already have this ability however it was had some limitations which the new integration addresses.

Sender Address

The legacy method did not allow the sender’s email address to be changed, the email was always sent from a gateway3d.com or custom-gateway.net domain.

The new integration allows any email address to be set as the sender.

SPF and DKIM Verification

After the domain is properly verified you receive 4 DNS records which will need adding to the domains DNS by the administrator of the sender’s domain, example below;

Name Type Value
ABC._domainkey.domain.com CNAME ABC.dkim.amazonses.com
DEF._domainkey.domain.com CNAME DEF.dkim.amazonses.com
GHI._domainkey.domain.com CNAME GHI.dkim.amazonses.com

Also the administrator of the sender’s domain needs to include _spf.custom-gateway.net within their domain’s SPF TXT record. For example:

"v=spf1 include:_spf.custom-gateway.net"

Email Templates

The new integration makes it possible to set the content of the email on a per company basis.

Both a HTML and plain text version should be specified if possible as not all email clients support or will have HTML enabled.

Templates also support placeholder values, for example:

Dear {{ order.customer_name }}.

Your order (reference {{ order.external_ref }} has been dispatched.

{% if order.shipping_tracking %}
Your order tracking ID is {{ order.shipping_tracking }}.
{% endif %}

Order Email Field

The integration offers the ability to choose which field to use for the receipient’s email address. The choices are either the email adress from the billing details or the email address from the shipping details.