A new Supplier Integration has been made to connect with Inklocker.


API key:

This is the only Inklocker specific setting, It should be provided by Inklocker to the customer when they set up an account with Inklocker

Set up

There are a couple of set up specifics that need to be done in order for orders to be properly sent to Inklocker

Corresponding internal attribute must be made for each print area labelled front Offset or back Offset, following the same case as the print area itself, and with the value being an offset in inches of the format {W}inx{H}in example:

Group Name Attribute Name Spec SKU Properties
front Offset 5inx5in     Internal [✓]

Lastly the company with the integration setup needs an address to be used as the from address for each order this address needs to be formated in the following format: Street,City,State,PostCode.


Orders for companies with Inklocker enabled that are on the status of received will be sent to Inklocker each hour.

The following data will be sent out for each order:

	"to": {
		"name": "order.customer_name",
		"email": "order.customer_email",
		"street": "order.shipping_address_1, order.shipping_address_2, order.shipping_address_3",
		"city": "order.shipping_address_4",
		"state": "order.shipping_address_5",
		"postalcode": "order.shipping_postcode",
		"country": "order.shipping_country_code"
	"from": {
		"name": "company.company_name",
		"email": "company.default_email",
		"phone": "company.customer_telephone",
		"street": "companyStreet*",
		"city": "companyCity*",
		"state": "companyState*",
		"postalcode": "companyPostalCode*",
		"country": "company.country_code"
	"service": "order.shipping_method",
	"items": [
			"artwork": "print_job_artwork_url",
			"location": "artwork_print_area_name",
			"size": "print_job_artwork_size",
			"offset": "offset_attribute_value"
	"payment": [
			"charged": {}

*Pulled from the integration company as specified in the set up section above

Once the order is sent to Inklocker the order will be moved to sent to supplier and have an attribute labelled ‘:Inklocker Order ID’ added to the order with the value being the Order Id from Inklocker.

We will keep the status of this order up to date with the status in Inklocker via a webhook The statuses of an Inklocker order reflect to oms in the following way:

Inklocker Status OMS Status
order-recieved Recieved By Supplier
order-started In Production
order-shipped Dispatched