An integration has been made between Veeqo and OMS in order to control stock within the Veeqo system.


There are two settings specific to this integrations API key and Channel Name, the Channel name is the name of the store (store and channel in Veeqo mean the same thing) in Veeqo that the orders and stock should be handled by this integration the api key is the authentication key to use with the integration and can be got from your Veeqo account in the following way:

Login into your Veeqo account Navigate to Employees page Click on your user or + New Employee (easier to track application activity) Click Create/Update API Key Save your API Key, it will not be shown again!


The workflow runs in the following way:

When an order is in received the integration will create an order in Veeqo which automatically allocated the stock for the relevant items in Veeqo, it will allocate this stock for the default warehouse of the channel that is set in the integration settings.

Once the order is dispatched the integration will create a shipment against each order item allocation, created previously in Veeqo, once these shipments are created the stock is automatically removed from the allocated stock and deducted from the stock in the warehouse in Veeqo.

Required Veeqo Setup

  • Warehouse ID Fetched by getting the default warehouse of the channel/store named in the integration settings

  • Store/Channel ID Fetched by the name as referenced in the integration settings

  • Product Sellable ID Fetched by matching the mapped sku of the order item to the sku of a products variant within Veeqo

  • Delivery Method ID Fetched by matching the order’s shipping method to the same named method within Veeqo

  • Carrier ID Fetched by matching the order’s shipping carrier to the predefined list, as shown below, of carriers in Veeqo if no matches the ‘Other’ carrier is used

    ID Carrier Name
    1 Royal Mail
    2 FedEx
    3 Other
    4 DPD
    5 UPS
    6 CityLink
    7 USPS
    8 Interlink Express
    9 DHL
    10 MyHermes
    11 Australia Post
    12 Parcelforce
    13 TNT
    14 Yodel
    15 APC
    16 DX
    17 UK Mail
    18 Israel Post
    19 Canada Post