The POS link can now be used to place orders into the Paypal Here App

Callback / App URL Format

The app and Callback URL must follow the format specified in the Point of Sale (v2) Blog post make sure to use the updated POS callback url which is as follows:

otherwise follow the format specified in the previously mentioned blog post.

PayPal Here Callback parameters

Once you have your base POS callback url setup in order for it to use PayPal Here you need to add on the following parameters:

Parameter Values Default Description Required (Y/N)
payment paypal-here N/A The payment service for the POS to use Y
device ios or android N/A The OS of the device in use Y
payment_types cash,card,paypal cash,card,paypal A comma separated list of the payment options to allow within the PayPal Here  
app N      

These parameters must be encoded in the same way describe in the Point of Sale (v2) Blog post using %26 for ampersands or alternatively a tool such as can be used to encode the entire URL.


Here is how the PayPal process is done for a deeper understanding:

  1. An order is placed via the app in use.
  2. Product State details and url paramters are sent to OMS when the payment paramter is detected to be set to paypal-here it is redirect to the paypal handler which assembles a url specific to the device defined by the device paramter in the original url
  3. the user is redirected to this link which triggers PayPal here to start and load the item as a charge and show the payment methods defined in the payment_types parameter.
  4. Once the relevant payment is done it will ask if you want a receipt this is a PayPal here app function not to be confused with the receipt done by our system. after that it wil show a complete message with the option for “New sale” which when pressed will redirect back to the app and complete the order like a normal POS url using any paramters set on that standard POS like the receipt param or force generate artwork.
  5. After the OMS order is complete you are redirected back to the start and ready to take a new order.


Here is a Demo of it working with Casestations POS app