OMS now integrates with DPD via the DPD Enterprise Service Gateway (ESG) which allows shipping label creation via the OMS dispatch scan point.

The DPD integration requires:

  • A username (provided by DPD)
  • A password (provided by DPD)
  • Address details for the sender

In addition, CPP products must have weights set in their ecommerce data.

The DPD integration is active when:

  • the order in question has DPD set as the carrier
  • the dropship company in question has the DPD ESG integration enabled and configured

A valid shipping method must be set on the order, DPD has several valid methods:

Method Network Code
Two Day Parcel 1^11
Next Day Parcel 1^12
By 12 Parcel 1^13
By 10 Parcel 1^08
Saturday By 12 Parcel 1^17
Saturday By 10 Parcel 1^09

Please let an architect know if extra network codes need to be added to the system.