Suppliers who have their own workflow systems and don’t have OMS user accounts (e.g. those who use the Generic Filesystem supplier integrations) can now make use of OMS shipping integrations via a simple API.

The API allows a supplier to create a shipment with a carrier such as Hermes or Royal Mail for any order that the supplier has access to. On successful creation of the shipment, an address label from the carrier is returned back to the supplier.

Which orders a supplier has access to is determined via an order’s secondary company (which should be a dropship) and the company hierarchy.

For example, a supplier company with two dropships can use the API to ship any orders that has one of the dropships set as its secondary company.

The settings for the shipping carrier integration are derived from the dropship rather than the supplier itself. This makes it easy for the supplier to make use of different retailer provided shipping accounts (if required).

In order for the supplier to use the API, they need three pieces of information:

  • Their company reference ID
  • Their API key
  • The internal OMS ID of the order that they wish to ship (in the case of Generic Filesystem integrations, this can be found in the XML order data).

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