A new product type has been added: Configurable Stock.

Configurable stock products remove a limitation of the stock system described in a previous post (“Stock products cannot have variants”).

A configurable stock product can be used to associate multiple base stock products using product variants.

For example, lets suppose that a t-shirt comes in two sizes and has two stock products setup in CPP.

ID Name SKU Type
10001 Generic TShirt Small TSHIRT-SMALL Stock
10002 Generic TShirt Large TSHIRT-LARGE Stock

In a lot of cases, a retailer might not be able to use different product IDs or SKUs based on the size selected by the user. Instead the retailer might only be able to send the size as an item attribute or via the item’s size field. This would mean that OMS won’t know which base stock product to use.

To solve this, a configurable stock product can be introduced that associates attributes to individual stock products via product variants:

ID Name SKU Type
10003 Generic TShirt TSHIRT Configurable Stock

with attributes:

Group Name
Size Small
Size Large

and variants:

Attribute 1 Name SKU Base Stock Product
Small TSHIRT-SMALL 10001
Large TSHIRT-LARGE 10002

Subsequently, when a retailer sends an order line with TSHIRT as the SKU and the size field set to Small, OMS will be able to find the configurable stock product based on its SKU and via it’s attributes, determine that the line requires product 10001.