CPPv2 now has an improved Retailer Feed tool.

The tool should be used by retailers to export products from CPP, ready for import into their own eCommerce solutions.

The feed is available to download as either CSV, JSON or XML.

It is recommended that JSON or XML are generally used as they allow for the inclusion of more sophisticated data structures. Third party developers would usually also prefer to work with these formats rather than CSV.

Additionally, it is also possible to select a currency.

When generating the feed, dropship partnerships between the selected retailer and the suppliers of the included products will automatically be created where necessary.

Orders for any new dropships will be held in OMS (using the On Hold (Supplier) until the dropship partnership has been approved by the supplier.

On creation of the dropship, both the supplier, retailer and the relevant Custom Gateway explainer will receive an automated email. The dropship can be approved simply by changing the default order status to Received.

Example Files