The display scan point of OMS can now push the artwork to HP Box via their API.

When set up to do so, as described below, the display item scan point will send artwork to the companies HP Box Folder when one of the download artwork actions are triggered, which is either by scanning the item twice or by pressing the download artwork button.

The HP Box folder will be created and it’s ID assigned to the company if one is not already set in the settings of the current Users company.

To enable this integration the user running the scan point must be assigned to a company with the following settings enabled / filled:

Production / Scan Points HP Box Secret:

The customers secret key for the HP Box API. This setting is encrypted within our database.

Production / Scan Points HP Box API Key:

The customers API key for the HP Box API.

Production / Scan Points Use HP Box API:

This setting will cause scan points to use the HP Box API on the item display scan point when either the download artwork button is clicked or the item is scanned twice.

These three settings are all that is required for the HP Box api to function from the scan points

Production / Scan Points HP Box Folder ID

This last settings does not need to be filled in, when the scan point is first used with HP Box this setting will automatically get filled with the Folder ID that is created in that initial use. This setting is here if a customer has multiple companies and wants to use the same Folder for them both.

When a piece of artwork is uploaded to a HP Box Folder there are two fields put onto it that are pulled from the product. The first, flow, is pulled from the product attributes, meaning that their must be a product with the groupname flow, case insensitive, on the product We recommend this attributes be set to internal as it will always be a set value for the product. The other is the Substrate, since this attribute may require some choice by the ordering customer this is pulled from the attributes of the order item and again it must be named substrate case insensitive.