A new batching feature has been added which allows multiple, partially full batches (that belong to the same batch template) to be merged into as few full batches as possible at a specific time of the day.

For example, let’s say that a fulfiller has a single batch template with 10 different SKUs.

During the day, they don’t want multiple SKUs to be mixed within the same batch, so the “Allow Multiple SKUs Per Job” option is disabled.

However, this means that at the end of the day, the fulfiller might have some partially filled batches remaining. Producing partially full batches could result in a large amount of materials and time wastage.

The fulfiller therefore decides that at 17:00, they would like all partially full batches for the same template to be consolidated into as few batches as possible (at this point in the day they are happy for a batch to have mixed SKUs if it increases their production efficiency).

To do this, they would set the following “Cut Off Time Expression” on their batch template:

0 17 * * *

In addition, the fulfiller will also need to enable the “Merge Batches at Cut Off Time” option on the batch template.

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