A new artwork output type has been added, called “From Artwork Slot”.

The new type does not perform any image processing, it simply treats a product’s artwork slots as the verbatim output for the print job or print on demand order item.

This approach has several advantages in certain scenarios:

  • It is more cost effective for products whose outputs do not really need any processing (e.g. a design by an artist that does not have any personalisation elements)

  • CMYK artwork images will not loose any colour accuracy when passed through to production.

  • Layered TIFF files will not be flattened when passed through to production.

  • probably lots of other scenarios we haven’t thought of!

The downside is that user personalisation is lost so the new output type should not be used in any context that allows a user to manipulate a product, with the exception of things that do not affect the final artwork, such as attributes.