Additional options (currently experimental) have been added to the vector PDF output type that some customers might find useful.

Artwork Generation / Vector PDF - Better Unicode Handling

This option allows non-ASCII Unicode characters to be included within the PDF (Hebrew or Greek for example).

When Unicode characters are used without this option, they may render as question marks.

Artwork Generation / Vector PDF - Output PDF/A Files

This option forces the output PDF to follow the PDF/A spec.

One advantage of PDF/A is that it forces the entire font to be embedded within the PDF.

More information on PDF/A can be read here.

Artwork Generation / Vector PDF - Output Text Outlines

This option causes text to be converted to vector outlines.

Some production machines might only be able to work with outlines.

A disadvantage of using outlines is that the text is no longer editable as text in a package such as Illustrator.

An advantage of using outlines is that the font is no long needed to render the PDF.