The Display Item scan point in OMS v2 now has two modes of operation. The original implied mode of Artwork Download has been joined by the Barcode Print mode. The mode can be controlled via the Production / Scan Points Display Item Mode company setting.

Mode Default Subsequent Scan Result
Artwork Download Yes Item’s artwork is automatically downloaded.
Barcode Print   Item’s barcode is automatically downloaded.

Currently in this context only Codabar is supported.

Use Case for Barcode Print

Using the Barcode Print mode is one way of removing the need for job sheets and is intended to be used in conjunction with batching.

The basic production flow would be something like:

  1. An operator prints the output for a batch job. Each item on the batch output has its own barcode underneath the artwork.
  2. An operator then transfers the batch artwork onto the physical product whilst simultaneously using the Display Item scan point to generate a barcode label which gets affixed to the product.
  3. Finally and potentially much later in time, the item barcode label is scanned into the Dispatch Item scan point. The barcode label can then be peeled off and discarded if required.