PF Concept products are now available in CPP. PF products can be found in CPP by searching for PF Concept (Import) or by looking in the PF Concept - 2D Templates product category.

The import currently has some limitations and is is not able to import the full range of products and options, however further development is possible depending on demand.

Products are updated from the PF data feed on a weekly basis. Please raise a ticket if you find any problems with specific products.

PF Concept have a wide range of print methods.

Method Code Method Code
Digital print 15 Infusion 17
Digital sticker 20 Laser engraving 6
Embossing/Debossing 5 Padprint 1
Embroidery 4 Screenprint 2
Full color doming 10 Screenround 3
HXD Metallic/Specialty 22 Sublimation 16
HXD Standard 21 Transfer 7
Hot stamping 9    

Each PF product has a default print method. Generally, each print area is available in a range of print methods.

Print method affects the size and co-ordinates of a print area. For example, the size of a Front print area might be different for Embroidery compared to Digital Print. CPP currently only has a user interface for the default print method.


Some print methods are linked to CPP effects.

Method Effect
Laser Engraving Laser Light
Embroidery Embroidery (Wilcom)
Embossing/Debossing Deboss
Any other Full Colour

Product State URLs

The active print method can be controlled using product state URLs.

For example, lets say that Front has two print methods; Padprint and Screenprint, with the product default being Padprint.

The default can be overriden by specificing Screenprint in the app URL.


Alternatively, the PF ImpLocationCode and ImpMethodCode codes can be used instead.


Incorrect Data

There are some issues in the data feed with print area co-ordinates being incorrect. This is not something that can be handled by CPP and must be resolved in the feed by PF.

Text and Image Areas

The product importer will create a single text and image area for each print area with the text and image areas being centred on the middle of the print area for the default print method.

This means that the text and image positions may be off centre if a non default print method is selected.


Currently the PF Concept product importer does not import pricing information and pricing must therefore be dealt with by the eCommerce website.


There are several different PF product feeds for different languages. Only English is currently supported.