A vital process in the evolution of any system is to remove old features that are no longer in use or have been superseded by a newer equivalent.

We aim to completely remove several things during 2018. Doing so will reduce the complexity of the system and help make sure that the platform is able to deal with more and more customers.

Usage reports will be released each month to help identify where any old features are still being used.

Old acp Versions

Starting from March, it will not be possible to create or update any configurations or locales for the acp, acp2 and acp3 apps. Sites should be updated to use acp3_2.

acp, acp2 and acp3 will be completely removed at the end of 2018 or sooner depending on usage.

Old Apps

All old apps will be removed at the end of 2018 or sooner depending on usage. An “old app” is defined as being an app that is using anything less than version 3 of the core software or does not enforce being loaded via g3d-app.com with a warning message.


The Flash renderer (r=flash) and old Flash visualiser will be completely removed from the system in July.

App URLs

Currently there are several URLs used for personalisation apps:

  • app.gateway3d.com (legacy)
  • my.gateway3d.com (legacy)
  • my.easypromo3d.com (legacy)
  • legacy.custom-gateway.net
  • g3d-app.com

The future stability and scalability of the platform depends heavily on g3d-app.com being used in all live contexts, with legacy.custom-gateway.net being used only to preview changes and the other URLs not being used at all.

Starting from July, the gateway3d.com and easypromo3d.com app URLs will no longer be able to load new products, configurations or locales.

Legacy API URL

Many sites are still using the old my.gateway3d.com API URL for order creation.

Starting from February, no new companies will be allowed access to the old API URL.

Changing the API URL is a fairly simple process for Magento 1 sites. In the G3D Personalise-iT Supplier Link Settings section of Magento’s backend, http://my.gateway3d.com/acp/api/sl/2.1/order needs to be changed to https://api-sl-2-1.custom-gateway.net/order.

Developers Documentation

The developers.gateway3d.com domain will be turned off in February. Please use developers.custom-gateway.net instead.

Wilcom v1 (Legacy Embroidery Effect)

The old embroidery effect and output type will be removed from the system in July.

Generic XMLFTP

The Generic XMLFTP supplier integration will be removed from the system in February.

Any companies still using it should be updated to use Generic FileSystem instead with Legacy Mode disabled.

2D Views

CPPv2 will not support 2D views and products using them will only be editable in v1.

However v2 will include a tool to convert 2D views to aspects.