A new POS callback URL has been added that has the ability to route orders to different suppliers. Please see the original blog post for more background information.

Order Routing

The new callback automatically selects the correct secondary company (i.e. the dropship company) of an order.

For the seconday company to be determined correctly both the company hierarchy must be correct and the CPP product must have the correct supplier set.

For example, if Retailer A wanted to sell products supplied by Supplier B, then the companies must be structured like so:

Company Ref ID Name Type Supplier Parent Retailer Parent
12000 Supplier A Supplier N/a N/a
13000 Retailer B Retailer N/a N/a
14000 Dropship C Dropship Supplier A Retailer B

In such a scenario, 13000 would be used as the value of the guid parameter in the POS app URL. The POS callback URL would then automatically set 14000 as the secondary company if the selected product had Supplier A set as its supplier.

In a self-fulfilment context no company structure is required. The value of the guid parameter would simply be the company reference ID of the self-fulfilment company.

Supplier Map

It is possible to override the company structure by explicitly setting a supplier map against the primary retailer company.

The supplier map can be set using the Incoming Orders / Shipping Map advanced company setting.

The format of the supplier map is X -> Y where X is the company reference ID of an allowed supplier and Y is the desired dropship company.


By default, pricing is not calculated. Pricing can be enabled by turning on the Incoming Orders - Calculate Pricing company setting.