The OMSv2 dispatch scan point is now able to use barcodes that have been added directly onto artwork. This is separate to the item ID barcodes added by batching.

This means that it is possible for the production workflow in some scenarios to be completely paperless.

The Production / Scan Points - Use Artwork Barcode company setting is used to control whether the scan point accepts artwork barcodes. The setting is pulled from the user’s primary company.

Currently artwork barcodes are supported for two different item types.

External Artwork

Retailers providing their own artwork (i.e. Getting Personal) that already have some kind of barcode or identification number printed onto the artwork must also send the value of the barcode via the item.artwork_barcode Order-iT API field when they create an order in OMS.

It’s possible to configure products to automatically include the print job ID and barcode onto their generated artwork. This can be done on the product’s print area setup.

When OMS receives an order item for a print job, it will automatically set the item.artwork_barcode field to be the print job ID, unless item.artwork_barcode has been set explicitly by the order creation request.