Order Manager Lite v2 is now available.


Lite has the same user interface as the full version but with a reduced feature set. The only tools available in lite are:

  • Download Address Labels
  • Bulk Edit (Order status only)
  • Order Details (Read only)

There are now also two new order action icons:

  • Print Jobsheet
  • Download Artwork

Lite is ideal for new suppliers as it presents a cheaper way to get them onto the platform with the potential of up-selling to the full version later on.

Lite is also ideal for a POS in-store environment as it allows in-store staff to have instant access to artwork.


A user is automatically directed to Order Manager Lite if they have the Order Manager (Lite) permission but don’t have the Order Manager (Full) permission.

A user that does have full access can still use the lite version by accessing it directly:


The following user roles are targeted towards Lite:

  • Print On Demand
  • Personalise-iT Instore
  • Very Light Supplier