Text Area Fill Patterns is a new feature which allows text to be drawn using a repeating pattern rather than a solid colour.

How to use Fill Patterns

Currently, fill patterns can be specified in two different ways.

Via a URL Parameter

The state[text_areas][id or area name][fill_pattern_url] state URL parameter can be used to automatically apply a fill pattern against a specific text area.

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It is also possible to specify a gallery of fill patterns against a specific text area in CPP.

This allows the user to select a fill pattern in the same way that they would select a colour.

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In CPPv1, the gallery ID (not ref) must be entered into the “Fill Pattern Gallery ID” field. The gallery ID is displayed in the galleries section in CPPv1.

CPPv2 will have a much nicer interface for setting the gallery.

Artwork Generation

Artwork generation using fill patterns is only supported when a print job has been saved using product state.

Some customers may want the fill pattern to be purely an element of the onscreen preview and not a part of the artwork. In the future, an option could be added to control weather the fill pattern is applied to artwork.