A new shipping integration has been created for use with Transglobal Express.

Similiar to the Royal Mail integration, order details will be sent to Transglobal Express and a shipping label returned to the operator when an order has been fully consolidated via the OMS V2 Dispatch Scan Point.

Client Steps

The client must have registered with Transglobal Express and been given an API key by them. The client should inform Transglobal Express that they are making use of an existing integration by Custom Gateway and therefore do not need to first gain access to the staging server.

Transglobal Express may require the client to provide them with the IP addresses that will be used to call the API.

OMS Requirements

In order for the Transglobal Express integration to be activated, the order must have Transglobal Express set as the shipping carrier as well as having the Transglobal Express integration enabled on either the order’s secondary or primary companies (secondary takes precedence).

The Transglobal Express integration can be enabled in V2 company settings.

In addition to requiring an API key, the integration also requires the sender’s from address to be populated in full, including From Email, etc.

Note: An incorrect sender’s address may prevent shipments from being created.

Shipment Bookings

When OMS creates a shipment, Transglobal Express will return various different quotes for different services.

If no shipping method is set, OMS will always pick the cheapest.

Otherwise, if a shipping method is set then OMS will try to find an exact match or throw an error if no exact match can be found.

The available services/methods returned by Transglobal Express may change frequently because they act as a proxy to other shipping companies.

Parcel Dimensions

Unlike the Royal Mail and Australia Post APIs, Transglobal Express requires parcel dimensions to be specified when creating a shipment.

Currently, OMS can only calculate parcel dimensions using client specific rules.

Using product dimensions from CPP is not always appropriate (i.e. many parcels are padded, especially with multi-line orders) and therefore when rolling out Transglobal Express to a new client, please ask the client to provide the package dimensions that they will be using and discuss this point with an Architect as a small amount of development time may be needed.