The Creators job system now has the ability to handle jobs for predesign products.

This allows predesign products to go through the same approval process that base products would go through.


Predesigns are imported into the system via a Google Drive spreadsheet (example) with the following columns:

Zendesk Ticket ID Should always be Predesign
Charging Type Should always be Predesign
Space Either 2D or 3D
Supplier Category Category ID of the category into which the product will be added once approved.
Duplicate Product ID ID of the base product to duplicate
Brand Name Brand name, e.g. Disney
Brand Code Brand code, e.g. DISNEY
Design Name Design name, e.g. Toy Story
Notes Specification notes and URLs to any artwork files

When a job is imported, a new product is created immediately by duplicating the product specified in the Duplicate Product ID column.

The product will automatically be assigned to the 0. PENDING category. This ensures that the modelling team has access to the product.

In addition, if the category specified in the Supplier Category column is in the Licensed Content category tree, the product will also be assigned to a category of the same name but with “(Pending)” appended to the end. If this category does not already exist, it will be created automatically as a child category of 0. PENDING.

Note The product is not added to the category specified by the Supplier Category column until the product has been approved.


Once a job has been imported and assigned to a modeller, the modeller will be able to see the job. Clicking Edit Product will take the modeller to the product setup section.

Once the modeller is happy with the product, they are required to click the Request QC button on the job.

Unlike with a job for a base product, a job for a predesign will skip the Requires Internal QC stage and go straight to Requires External QC.


Licensor users are able to view any jobs for products that are in a category that they have read access to. They are able to approve products from the jobs list.

In addition, their CPPv2 dashboards will show metrics for how many jobs are waiting for their approval.

Staff users are also able to approve products if needed.

Once a product has been approved, it is removed from all categories and then added to the category specified in the Supplier Category field in the original spreadsheet.

After approval, the product will also be scheduled for thumbnail regeneration.

Note Users that do not have either the Licensor or Staff user roles can only see jobs for products where the user is assigned to the product’s supplier company. This means that such users are not suitable for using the jobs system to approve predesigns.

Leftronic Metrics

The following Leftronic metrics have been removed:

  • modelling-total-not-started
  • modelling-total-internal-qc
  • modelling-total-external-qc
  • modelling-total-failed-qc

The following have been added:

  • modelling-base-total-not-started
  • modelling-base-total-internal-qc
  • modelling-base-total-external-qc
  • modelling-base-total-failed-qc
  • modelling-base-total-qc-passed-last-month
  • modelling-predesign-total-not-started
  • modelling-predesign-total-internal-qc
  • modelling-predesign-total-external-qc
  • modelling-predesign-total-failed-qc
  • modelling-predesign-total-qc-passed-last-month