A new accounting integration called “Generic File System” has been added.

The Generic FS integration will create an XML file on a remote file system for each order. The XML file will have the same structure as the equivalent XML file created by the “Generic File System” supplier integration.

Importantly, the Generic FS integration does not change the status of the order once the XML file has been created, this means that it is useful if a retailer wishes to use the XML order data to feed into an external system such as a CRM.

The supplier version of the integration would not be suitable in such a scenario because it would change the order status to “Sent to Supplier”, therefore causing issues for the actual supplier.

Once an order has been transferred, an attribute called :GenericAccounting Sent will be added to the order. This attribute can be deleted if the XML file needs to be resent.

The Generic FS integration can only be configured via the new v2 Company Settings section. It is not available via the old v1 interface.

Both FTP and SFTP are currently supported. Additional file system types could be added as part of paid development.

For SFTP, public key authorisation is supported. The public key should be generated using the tool on the integration’s settings page. The public key would then need to be provided to the administrator of the remote SFTP server.

For security reasons it is not possible to explicitly set a public/private key. Each company using SFTP will have their own public/private key pair.

It is necessary to add the remote IP to the CPPOMS Allowed Outgoing (SSH) firewall group. Please ask James, Greg or Adam.

Example XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <shipping_address_1 />
      <shipping_address_2 />
      <shipping_address_3 />
      <shipping_address_4 />
      <shipping_address_5 />
      <shipping_postcode />
      <billing_address_1 />
      <billing_address_2 />
      <billing_address_3 />
      <billing_address_4 />
      <billing_address_5 />
      <billing_postcode />
      <customer_name>James Ball</customer_name>
      <shipping_carrier>Flat Rate</shipping_carrier>
            <description>Product Description</description>