CPP now provides the ability to create prepaid coupons that can be given to a customer, allowing them to personalise a product and create an order hours or even days after paying for it.

Only a user with the Point of Sale access permission can create prepaid coupons.

Each generated coupon has a short but unique URL that when loaded will take the user straight to the relevant product within the acp3_2 app. Clicking the Add to Cart button will subsequently take the customer to a details form. Once the form has been completed, the coupon is expired and an order is created in OMS. Coupons can only be used once.

Step 1 - Generating the Coupons

Coupons can be generated by selecting the required products in CPP and then picking Create Prepaid Coupons from the bulk actions dropdown menu.

A popup will then be shown with three additional options.

Option Description
Retailer The retailer to which the order created from the coupon belongs.
Quantity The quantity of coupons to generate for each selected product.
App Configuration The acp3_2 configuration code to use as part. This can be used for adding CSS and retailer branding.

Clicking Create Coupons will then provide the user with a ZIP file containing:

  • A CSV with a row for each coupon (with columns for product name, SKU and the coupon’s URL).
  • A PNG QR code for each coupon URL, categorised by product retail SKU (defaulting to supplier SKU if retail SKU is blank).

Order Routing

How prepaid orders are routed depends on the company structure for the selected retailer.

If the retailer has no dropships assigned to it, then it is assumed to be a self fulfilment order and the order’s secondary company will be left blank.

If the retailer does have dropships assigned to it, then the order’s secondary company will automatically be set to the correct dropship for the product. In addition, if no valid dropship exists for the selected retailer and product, then no coupons will be created and an error message will be shown to the user.

Step 2 - Distributing Coupons

Coupon QR codes or URLs can then be distributed to customers (i.e. via the use of product cards sold in a shop).

Step 3 - Redeeming Coupons

A coupon can be redeemed by visiting its URL.

Coupon URLs look something like the following:


The URL has been chosen purposefully to be generic. The customer will not see any URLs mentioning Custom Gateway or Gateway3D unless they are inclined to view the page source or use the browser’s debugging tools.

After clicking Add to Cart, the customer will be shown a form where they can input their details. Once that form has been submitted, the order is created and the coupon cannot be used again.

Future Development

Prepaid coupons have been designed with the following potential future developments in mind:

  • The ability to use any recent v3 app, not just acp3_2.
  • The ability to set an expiry date on coupons.
  • The ability to see a list of coupons and their associated orders.
  • The ability to translate both the app and the order details form.